The Soldier’s Wealth is Honor
by Charles Young




This is the true story of Srgt. Thomas D. Collins of the 143rd New York Infantry from Sullivan County NY. He has been described as the Audy Murphy of the Civil War. A truly amazing soldier who first enlisted at the age of 15 and then was told to go back home when his age was found out.
Upon returning home he found he was labeled a deserter by his town when in fact the army told him to leave. He reenlisted and perhaps as much to bring honor back to his family as to help save the Union he went on to become a scout for Gen. Sherman in the Atlanta campaign and was awarded the Medal of Honor

From the book:

“The men of the 3rd Wisconsin reserved their fire and held their breath. The lull in the firing and the rider’s actions seemed to confuse the rebels, so out of curiosity they also held their fire. As Tom reached the man, he took off his hat and yelled in a clear voice, ‘Soldiers of the Confederacy, I ask your permission to remove this wounded soldier from the field!’

The answer was ‘All right Yank! Brave Yank! Give us your name Yank! You are too brave a soldier for we-uns to shoot.’