Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner

Sun., Oct. 22, 2023

at the Rockland House, Roscoe, NY

Social Hour 2:00 p.m. – Dinner 3:00 p.m.

Dear Members and Friends,
Each year, the Sullivan County Historical Society presents deserving individuals or groups with the honor of “History Maker” and “History Preserver” awards. The honorees for these awards symbolize the stated mission of the Society; the preservation of Sullivan County history for the enlightenment of future generations. The presentation of these awards will be at the Society’s Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner on Sunday, October 22nd at the Rockland
House, Roscoe, New York. We are pleased to announce this year’s History Maker and History Preserver recipients.

2023 History Maker Award: The American judicial system has long been the historical cornerstone of our national experiment that we call democracy. Throughout our legal system, justices at all levels of our court system, be it a national United States Supreme Court justice down to a local magistrate, are seen as the fair-minded, impartial and orderly arbitrators of litigations. As Judge Anthony Kane had earlier reflected on this system of justice upon his
retirement after serving on the bench in some capacity for three decades, “What an incredibly civil way to resolve disputes.”

Beginning as Town Attorney for the Town of Forestburgh, Anthony Kane had served on various judicial benches at both county and state levels until his appointment as Associate Justice to the New York State Appellate Division, the state’s second highest court. Throughout his career, Judge Kane had long been a fixture of Sullivan County law and politics. In devoting himself to his chosen profession, Judge Kane had “worked hard but treated every person with courtesy and respect,” and was dedicated to “getting it right.”

2023 History Preserver Award: If the American judicial system is the cornerstone of our national experiment, then the veteran who has served within our nation’s armed forces are the impregnable walls that defend and preserve our constitutional liberties. Upon their return from service through foreign and domestic conflicts, veteran leaders have organized their brethren into national associations that serve the interests of and support for veterans who have served from Gettysburg, Argonne Forest, Normandy, Incheon and Hue, to our more recent conflicts in the Middle East.

The recognition and support of the veteran is an exercise in history preservation. Veterans signed up and promised to preserve, protect and defend our way of life and offered their own lives and liberty to meet that mission.

The Sullivan County Veterans Coalition of New York has provided a structure to support veterans that not only meets the needs of that veteran, but also informs the community that the veteran is special and that we have received the greatest gift of all, the veteran’s fulfilled promise. The Veterans Coalition of Sullivan County, New York preserves the history of promises made, promises kept and peace preserved. The contribution of the veteran is not forgotten but is in fact preserved.

Each year we ask you to advertise in our SCHS Annual Dinner’s Journal, a publication produced to honor the year’s award recipients. In years past, your generosity has been the Society’s crucial source for operating funds. With interest in our County’s history now at an all-time high, work here at the Museum has expanded, including an increase in Museum visits, inquiries for research and Society events. This work, along with the storage of archival material, maintaining the displays and day to day upkeep of the building is all done by dedicated, unpaid volunteers. They give their time, effort and even personal funds to make genealogical and historical archival records available to the public for research and exhibits. However, the continual increase in operational expenses strains our limited resources. Therefore, we again ask for your much needed support.

A Journal advertising form may be downloaded to be filled out and returned by mail to Sullivan County Historical Society, PO Box 247, Hurleyville NY 12747. We urgently need your financial support to continue our mission of preserving Sullivan County’s remarkable history and making it available to the public.

Also, please make dinner reservations by filling out the dinner reservation form and returning it before October 12, 2023 to the Sullivan County Historical Society, PO Box 247, Hurleyville, NY 12747.

As always, we thank you for your support,
The Sullivan County Historical Society’s Dinner Journal Committee

Suzanne Cecil, Aldo Troiani & Brian Scardefield at the 2022 annual awards dinner

Left to right, Suzanne Cecil, Aldo Troiani and Brian Scardefield at the 2022 annual awards dinner.

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