About Us

The Sullivan County Museum, Home of the Sullivan County Historical Society, is located at 265 Main Street in Hurleyville, NY.

The original structure was built in 1912 and housed the historic Hurleyville Elementary School, which later became its High School. The last class graduated from the Hurleyville High School in 1945 when county schools were centralized, eliminating the need for small community schools.

After a series of owners, the building was acquired by the county.

The Society moved into the building in November of 1972 and except for the addition of an elevator and some modest changes to the interior, the building still retains the charm and warmth of its historical past.

The Sullivan County Museum is home to displays, library, archives and historical rooms are designed, constructed, decorated and maintained by volunteer members of the Sullivan County Historical Society.

Our Mission

The Sullivan County Historical Society, Inc, was established on September 18, 1886 in order to preserve the history of Sullivan County for the enlightenment of future generations. This preservation is accomplished through the storage of historical records and documents, the acquisition of artifacts illustrative of different periods in the county’s history, and the mounting of both temporary and permanent exhibits.

The activities of the Society include regular meetings open to the public for the discussion of county history and broader historical questions, the careful preservation of records and artifacts, the maintenance of museum exhibits, the scheduling of educational tours, the encouragement of research, and the assisting of individuals and groups seeking specific information about aspects of county history.

Our Board

President: Suzanne Cecil
Vice President: Aldo Troiani
Secretary: George Grobusch
Treasurer: Kathleen Sullivan

Board of Directors:
Miranda Behan
Patricia Burns
Janet Carey
Amy Colon
Edward Cooke
N. Fred Fries
Myron Gittell
Donna Harness
Ruth Huggler
Elsie Kopcha
Earl Kortright
James Sullivan

Directors Emeritus:
Leni Binder
John Conway
Harold Gold
Arthur Hessinger
Judy Wolkoff