From the SCHS Observer; September 14, 1964 - Vol. 1, No. 3

"The mystery of the missing marker of Kiamesha Lake was solved in July with as much secrecry as the disappearance a year earlier. Some time in July, 1963, the familiar NYS blue and gold sign, which indicated the site of Camp Holly, encampment of the 143rd NYVI during the Civil War  vanished from its usual place.

"Repeated inquiries by Mrs. Gladys Durland and Bert Feldman at the NYS Highway Department offices from Monticello to Binghamton to Albany drew a blank look and no information at the county and township level. Acting State Historian William Tyrell also offered his servies in the cherchez l'ensign, but to no avail. Finally he declared the sign to be probably stolen and authorized the Society to purchase a new marker.

"Early in July, 1964, reconciled to the fact that the sign was most likely in some junkyard cast-iron pile, the Society ordered a new one from the foundry.

"Driving thru Kiamesha Lake one Tuesday evening, Bert Feldman was startled to see the sign back on its customary perch. A rush phone call to the NYS Highway Department on Wednesday morning brought forth the information that the sign had quietly been re-erected that Monday without anyone being notified.

"Further probing revealed that the sign had been quite casually discovered in the repair shops of the Department in Binghamtom. A crack in the metal had been welded. Neither Monticello nor Binghamton had any idea or record of how the sign made the hadj to the district offices.

"Fortunately the order at the foundry was able to be canceled. Another order for a sign to be erected in front of the Intercounty Trust Company in Monticello is still being made. It will mark the site of the Jones house, first buildeing in the village. The village will bear the expense."



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