A researcher from Utah visited the museum this morning [August 20, 2011] to find information concerning his ancestor, Horace Gillette.

The statistical particulars were known as to Horace's life; born in 1804, in the Town of Neversink, and dying at Kansas in 1854, but the researcher wanted to find information concerning his ancestor's life; place of residence, what was the reason for the move out west.

An article was found in the Republican Watchman concerning the death of Horace Gillette, in 1854. The newspaper had been damaged by fire at the publisher's office, destroying half of the printed information, but with a little imagination, the original story could be reconstructed

Other valuable information was found amongst our archival material, especially Bernice Masten's collection of material titled "Early Settlements of the Town of Neversink". The publications "Old Neversink and Surroundings" by Agnes Kortright and "Time and the Valley" published by the Time and the Valleys museum also provided important information.

The researcher left with important clues as to the character of his ancestor, Horace Gillette, and in the afternoon headed for the Time and the Valleys museum at Grahamsville to continue his search.