SCHS Observer; January 25, 1965 - Vol. 1  No. 5

"One of Sullivan County's oldest relics is back on "duty." Milestone "47" of the old Newburgh-Cochecton Turnpike has been placed in a stone shelter and re-erected alongside Route 17-B, although at the spot where it originally stood.

"Placed on the old turnpike about 1810, the stone indicated the distance to the Newburgh terminus. Its present location is a little west of the Black Lake Road junction on the north side of Route 17-B, near White Lake. Mr. Robert Schlicting, New York State Department of Highways engineer on the reconstruction of 17-B, has placed the old veteran on a small slope. Some landscaping is planned. It is not known if any other milestones survive in Sullivan County, though this reporter has seen another Newburgh-Cochecton Turnpike marker on Route 17-K near Montgomery in Orange County.

"After the first phase of rebuilding 17-B took place several years ago, the reddish stone monument was taken up and placed in the custody of the Sullivan County Historical Society. For a number of years it stood on the porch of the museum in Monticello. As depicted in "Brass Buttons and Leather Boots," the milestone resembled a gravestone in size and design. It bore the legend;

"47 mi. N'bgh"

"It was custony to mark each mile on the old turnpike.

"The stone has seen much of our county's history pass by. Boys from all over Sullivan County have passed it on their way to seven wars; too many never re-passed. Wagons drawn by oxen, mules and horses, have passed at various rates of speed, it has witnessed Model-T's and latest Super-8. Hemlock bark on the way to the tanneries, milk on the way to the pasteurization plant and tourists on the way to the hotels have passed by in review.

"It is hoped that the Sullivan County Historical Society will erect some kind of marker, perhaps a blue and gold metal sign, to explain this old friend. A small ceremony will take place officially rededicating the site of the milestone as soon as arrangements are completed, according to Historical Society President Bert Feldman."



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