Reuben Cross, writing for the Liberty Register in the August 11th, 1938 edition, described the Mutton Hill cemetery as follows;

"....But let us get back to our little burying ground which is bordered on two sides by dense woods, on the northwest by the Mutton Hill road, and on the southwest by the broad sheep pastures. There are about 35 graves with headstones or markers bearing inscriptions. While there are about 50 marked with plain rough stones or flags from the nearby woods and fields which have no intelligible markings to enlighten us to whose earthly remains lie buried there for more than a century.

"In the southwest section is a monument over 12 feet high on a three-foot base, standing like a sentinel guarding his little encampment. On its northwest side, facing the road, is the following inscription; "Henry Reynolds. Born at Peeksville, N.Y. 1742. Died at Neversink, N.Y. 1827. Mary Fowler, his wife. Born 1743. died 1825." On the northeast side of this same monument are inscribed the words; "For loyalty to Freedom he was attacked by a Tory band in 1782 and left for dead in his own home." On the southeast side in inscribed; "Erected by the descendants of Henry Reynolds 1902."



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