The individual biographies are original script from the Award Ceremony Programs, which were distributed at the time the awards were made.

To preserve the integrity and meaningfulness of the award, no editing has been made to the original script.

History Maker History Preserver



JNiflotJOHN B. (Jack) NIFLOT (2/10/35 - 6/22/13)


Town of Fremont Board Member and Historian, whose dedication and advocacy for understanding and preserving the history and heritage of the Upper Delaware Valley is best exemplified by his co-founding of the Basket Historical Society in 1980, establishing its museum in Long Eddy and publishing/editing its newsletter, the ECHO, continuously since then. 

Read more: John B. (Jack) Niflot

Sullivan County Historical Society History Preserver Award 2005


wsippleWilmer Sipple

The History Preserver Award for 2005 is presented to Wilmer Sipple who is both the Town of Rockland Historian and Director of the Roscoe O&W Railway Museum. In both these roles he has labored for over twenty years to preserve the memorabilia and memories of the New York Ontario and Western Railway. In this endeavor he has shown great perseverance in the face of many disappointments, but as a result of his efforts and of those who shared his dream, Roscoe today can boast a museum complex composed of a Train Order Signal, a caboose, a museum building and a trout car expected to arrive in 2006.



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Sullivan County Historical Society History Preserver Award 2011


adampmanAllan Wayne Dampman

May 26, 1926 - October 14, 2016


Allan Dampman, a modest and gentle man, is a person of ideas with an imaginative, common sense mind, followed by a resolve and patience in pursuing whatever goal he sets. The choice by the Sullivan County Historical Society of Allan as this year's History Preserver reflects not only the important work that he has performed for the Society and his involvement in commemorating the Revolutionary War battle above Minisink Ford, but also his long tenure of involvement within the whole county community and the significance his contributions have made.

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Sullivan County Historical Society History Maker Award 2002


JennieGJennie Grossinger


Jennie Grossinger, like so many immigrants, had a great love of America and worked very hard to be worthy of her new country. At first her energy was consumed in learning to survive and assimilate American ways, but later in life her imagination and strength of character enabled her to take the raw materials of America and combine them into something new which was neither "old country" nor typical of the America of her time. America provided her and her family with an opportunity for success unthinkable in Eastern Europe, but her success in turn helped to transform the resort traditions of the very country which had welcomed her.


Read more: Jennie Grossinger

Sullivan County Historical Society History Maker Award 2010 


veteranflagSullivan County Veterans

                The History Maker Award is given to a person who has had a significant and positive influence on the life of Sullivan County, or, more broadly, on the life of the nation or world. By extension, that includes any group of people with a common bond fitting the criteria for the award.
                The groups of people who have made important history in our county are the legion of men and women who have served in our armed forces. These citizens in uniform have made this country a haven for those seeking freedom and liberty. They have created a safe community by their unselfish dedication to duty and through their courage and sacrifice, have enabled us to realize our historical destiny.
                The Sullivan County Historical Society is honored to present the 2010 History Maker Award to all those Sullivan County Veterans who have served our country.             



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