Sullivan County Historical Society History Preserver Award 2004

ArchiveGangThe Archives Gang

  The History Preserver Award is given each year to a person who has done significant work in preserving Sullivan County History. By extension, that includes groups of people with a common bond fitting the criteria for the Award.
The Sullivan County Historical Society is an all volunteer organization and depends solely on the contributions of the time and effort of our volunteers to sustain the Society’s primary mission of preserving the history of our County.

We understand the importance of their work and have chosen this year to recognize the current group of volunteers who call themselves The Archives Gang:
                      John Masten                                                      Charlotte Osterhout
                      William Burns                                                    Barbara Viele
                      Bernice Masten                                                  June Koester
                      Judy Magie                                                       Grace Bowers
                      Sharon Thorpe                                                 Winifred Barner
       The Sullivan County Historical Society is honored to present the 2004 History Preserver Award to all the members of The Archives Gang and by extension to all those dedicated volunteers for their valuable past contributions to our mission.