The History of

Sullivan County Historical Society


     The records of the New York State Education Department show that the Sullivan County Historical Society was organized on September 18, 1886. On February 18, 1892, the Society received a provisional charter and a permanent charter and certificate of incorporation were issued on March 19, 1929.

     In early 1949, after a period of inactivity caused primarily by the great depression and WWII, the organization became alive once more through the efforts of James W. Burbank, the Sullivan County Historian. Newspaper articles appeared inviting all those interested to gather for a meeting to reorganize the Society, which met in April of that year. In May of that same year, the revitalized Society elected the following as officers:



                                    President                      Kenneth A. Sprague

                                    1st Vice-President         Charles S. Hick

                                    2nd Vice-President        Joseph P. Lloyd

                                    Secretary                      Mrs. Edward (Lillian) Krauss

                                    Treasurer                     Arthur N. Meyers


Twelve new directors were then elected in the fall of 1949.

The reorganization of 1949 can be considered the new starting point for the rebirth of the Society which has grown in stature into the respected organization of today.



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